Vì sao món súp rắn nổi tiếng một thời đang dần biến mất khỏi thực đơn ở Trung Quốc

Legend has it that the Chinese have been eating snake soup since the Liang Dynasty (thời nhà Lương) which lasted from 502 to 557 CE. It was originally enjoyed only by the Chinese nobility (quý tộc) and other wealthy members of society. In the 1900s it became more widely available thanks to the efforts of prominent (nổi tiếng) chef Jiang Taishi, known as the "first man of the hundred Cantonese foods." He ran a kitchen that's considered the birthplace of many traditional Chinese dishes, including five-snake soup, and trained many up and coming chefs of the time.

... Despite this rich heritage, the age of the se gang may be coming to an end. Many snake meat restaurants are family businesses, and current restaurant owners are having trouble finding someone willing to take over now that they are reaching retirement age. This is exacerbated (trầm trọng) by the tendency (xu hướng) for China's young and educated population to emigrate to other countries.

The problems facing snake meat restaurants aren't entirely (hoàn toàn) internal, though. Since the Covid pandemic started, Hong Kong residents have been skeptical (nghi ngờ) of eating snakes because they were seen as possible transmitters (vật truyền) of the disease. This has been proven false, but the fear has certainly lingered (nán lại, kéo dài), making it more difficult to bring in customers, regardless. Even more damaging was the theory that Covid-19 came from a wet market, which was still at play in the early months of 2020. The Chinese government banned the sale of wildlife, including snakes, in the interest of food safety. The ban hit the snake breeding (chăn nuôi) industry in a major way, impacting the supply chain side of things as well.

Outside of the pandemic, there are still challenges ahead. There's been concern over the treatment of the snakes themselves, as many shops will skin the snakes alive as part of the cooking process. For the younger generation especially, this has been one reason to dine on snake soup less frequently. Time will tell if this centuries-old tradition can survive into the next one.

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