Có thông tin hữu ích trong bài này: sông Etowah dài 164 dặm

người phụ nữ nhảy khỏi xe, để mặc xe trôi trên đường cao tốc, vì nhện bò trên đùi... :D
Some people are afraid of heights, others just can't deal with the thought of swimming.

But one thing many people have a fear of is spiders and one woman recently (gần đây) found herself in a spot of trouble (gặp rắc rối) after an eight-legged creature crawled (bò) onto her lap (đùi) while she was driving. The unnamed woman from Georgia, USA, is said to have been attempting (cố gắng) to back (lùi) her Kia van down a boat launch (hạ thủy) at the time, so she could put her kayak into the river.

Freaked out by the sudden appearance of the spider, the woman, decided to abandon (bỏ) the van right there and then, as you do. Instead of stopping to park (đỗ) the vehicle, she jumped from it while it was still moving, And as a result she ended up watching as the van rolled into the nearby (gần đó) Etowah River - a waterway (đường thủy) around 164 miles long.

Georgia State Patrol (đội tuần tra bang) sent a state trooper (binh sĩ bang) out to the scene in the western (phía tây) part of Bartow County (quận) to assist (hỗ trợ, trợ giúp) the woman, but by the time they arrived, the van had floated off (trôi đi) and slipped completely out of sight (trượt ra khỏi tầm nhìn). A spokesperson (người phát ngôn) for the Georgia State Patrol said: "She stated that it floated downstream (hạ lưu) a few feet and within seconds, it was totally submerged. A passerby (người qua đường) in a boat attempted to locate (xác định vị tró) the van, but without success (không thành công)."

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