Thì giống Patrick J. Adams trong phim Suits thôi

một thanh niên Kenya đã bị bắt sau khi bị phát hiện rằng anh ta mạo danh luật sư và đại diện cãi cho nhiều khách hàng trong 26 vụ án khác nhau – tất cả đều thắng – dù không được đào tạo bài bản...
A Kenyan man was recently arrested after it was revealed that he had impersonated an attorney (mạo danh luật sư) and represented various clients (đại diện cho nhiều khách hàng khác nhau) in 26 different cases – all of which he won – despite lacking any formal training.

Brian Mwenda Njagi has been dubbed the ‘real-life Mike Ross’, in reference to the popular character from the TV series ‘Suits’, a bright young man who manages to work at a high-profile law firm (công ty luật uy tín) and represent clients despite lacking any kind of formal law school education. The comparison is justified, considering that Mwenda managed to represent clients in front of Court of Appeal judges and High Court judges in 26 different cases, winning every one of them. The young man had managed to portray (miêu tả) himself as a qualified attorney and none of the judges (thẩm phán) he had ever pleaded (nài nỉ) before suspects that he was not really a lawyer. The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) only began suspecting him after receiving complaints from an actual lawyer also named Brian Mwenda who complained that he couldn’t access his account.

“On the 5th Day of August 2022, Brian Mwenda Ntwiga was admitted (admitted) to the Bar, and his correct email address was captured and an Account opened for him in the Advocates portal,” the LSK said in a press release. “We reached out to Advocate Brian Mwenda Ntwiga who confirmed that he had not applied for a practicing certificate (chứng chỉ) since his admission (nhập học), the reason being that he had been working at the Office of the Attorney General and did not require a Practicing Certificate.”

However, in September of this year, while trying to log into his account to activate his profile, Ntwiga realized he had the wrong login details. He contacted the Law Society of Kenya, and following an internal investigation (điều tra nội bộ), it was concluded that someone else had tampered (bị giả mạo) with the lawyer’s account. That someone was the similarly named Brian Mwenda Njagi. After being granted access to the system, he proceeded to change his profile picture and apply for a law practice certificate.

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