Không hề là 50/50

các nhà khoa học tung đồng xu hơn 350 nghìn lần và chứng minh tỷ lệ 50/50 là sai lầm... :))
It seems fair. You'd assume that as coins have two sides and you introduce a random element (yếu tố ngẫu nhiên) (flipping the coin and catching it), the odds (tỉ lệ) of it coming up (xuất hiện) with your pick is 50/50 (or one in two). But researchers have crunched (phân tích) the numbers, looking at an impressive 350,757 coin tosses, and found that coin tosses are not 50/50 after all. You can tip (cược) the odds ever so slightly (một chút) in your favor (có lợi cho mình).

According to one team led (dẫn đầu) by American mathematician Persi Diaconis, when you toss a coin you introduce (tạo ra) a tiny amount of wobble (sự dao động rất nhỏ) to it.

"According to the Diaconis model (mô hình), precession (tuế sai) causes the coin to spend more time in the air with the initial side (mặt ban đầu) facing up (tuế sai)," a new team writes in a pre-print paper (giấy in sẵn) that has not yet been peer-reviewed (được bình duyệt). "Consequently (do đó), the coin has a higher chance of landing on the same side as it started (i.e., ‘same-side bias (khuynh hướng cùng phía)’)."

Diaconis found (nhận thấy), from a smaller ideal number of coin tosses recorded and analyzed, that coins land on the same side they were tossed from around 51 percent of the time. The new team recruited (tuyển) 48 people to flip 350,757 coins from 46 different currencies (tiền tệ), finding that overall, there was a 50.8 percent chance of the coin showing up the same side it was tossed from.

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