Japan Airlines phải bổ sung máy bay vì các đô vật sumo quá nặng

Concerns over fuel capacity (lượng nhiên liệu) with wrestlers (đô vật) onboard led to national carrier taking the ‘unusual step’ of transferring sumo rikishi to another flight

Japan’s flagship (hàng đầu) carrier has been forced to lay on an extra flight at short notice after concluding that two of its planes were at risk of exceeding (vượt qua) their weight limits. The culprit (thủ phạm) was not excess (quá cước) baggage, however, but a passenger list that included some of the country’s heaviest men.

Japan Airlines took the “very unusual” step of transferring a number of sumo wrestlers to a hastily (vội vàng) arranged (sắp xếp) special flight last week over concerns that the two aircraft they had originally been due to fly would be unable to carry sufficient (hợp lý) fuel due to weight restrictions (hạn chế).

The sumo rikishi were scheduled to take Boeing 737-800 flights from Haneda airport in Tokyo and Itami airport in Osaka to Amami Oshima, an island in the far south, where they were due to compete (thi đấu) in a sports festival,

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