Đại gia nào sưu tầm nhiều thế?

hàng trăm miếng thạch cao âm hộ tràn ra đường ở Irkutsk, nga sau tông xe...
They came a long way — but probably didn’t make the opening (lễ khai mạc).

Hundreds of white plaster casts (khuôn đúc) of vaginas, believed to have been en route (trên đường) to an art gallery, tumbled onto a road in Irkutsk, Russia, last month after a traffic crash.

Bizarre video footage shot by a passerby (người qua đường) on Sept. 22 shows a trail (vệt dài) of broken vaginas (âm đạo) leading up to the back of a truck, 

In the short clip, a man believed to be the driver tries to secure his lost load.

“There was apparently no significant (đáng kể)  material damage, as no one called the traffic police at the time,” the department regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs later said in a statement.

“After exchanging details, they apparently left to continue their journeys,” the statement continued.

Vaginal art was pioneered by British sculptor (thợ điêu khắc) Jamie McCartney, who shot to fame for his 26-foot wall installation “The Great Wall of Vagina,” (Âm đạo Trường Thành) comprised of plaster casts taken from over 400 women’s genitals.

Other unusual (lạ thường) cargo that has spilled onto roads in recent years include nacho cheese in Arkansas; dice in Georgia; and tomatoes in California.

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