Vậy tránh ở tù bằng cách nào?

người đàn ông 50 tuổi giả vờ bị đau tim 20 lần để tránh ko thanh toán hóa đơn nhà hàng ăn, đã bị bắt...
A 50-year-old man who scammed (lừa tiền) restaurants after faking heart attacks to avoid footing the bill (thanh toán hóa đơn) has finally been charged (bị buộc tội, bị bắt) and jailed.

The Lithuanian man, identified only as Aidas J., has attempted (cố gắng) to scam eateries (quán ăn) at least 20 times in the last year (năm ngoái) in Alicante, Spain,

Aidas would pose as (đóng vai) a Russian tourist while ordering multiple items on the menu.

Dressed in designer clothes, the scammer would begin his meals with a Russian salad, numerous glasses of whiskey and a large main entree (món ăn đầu tiên) of entrecote (miếng thịt sườn) or seafood.

In his latest performance, he ordered a seafood paella (cơm thập cẩm) and two whiskeys at a local restaurant in September, tallying a bill of (hóa đơn trị giá) 34.85 euros ($50.51 CAD.)

He tried to leave without paying, however, the restaurant’s staff stopped him and requested he pay the bill,

After pretending to get upset, Aidas claimed that he was going to grab money from his hotel room nearby, but when the staff refused to let him leave without paying the bill, he dramatically clutched his chest (đột ngột ôm ngực) and fell to the floor as if he was having a heart attack, the news outlet (hãng tin tức, cửa hàng tin tức) reported.

Instead of calling an ambulance, the staff recognized his antics (trò hề) and called local authorities (chính quyền địa phương) who quickly identified the scammer.

“It was very theatrical (kịch tính), he pretended to faint and slumped (ngồi phịch, ngã phịch) himself down on the floor,”

nguồn: nationalpost,

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