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người đàn ông ở North Carolina bị đánh vì ợ hơi...
A North Carolina man was assaulted (bị tấn công) for burping (ợ hơi), police report.

Cops say Noe Perez, 43, was waiting for an order he placed Wednesday evening at meat market in High Point when he belched (ợ hơi),

The burping "upset (làm phiền)" a male suspect (nghi ngờ) who was inside the Hispanic Meat Market at the time,

When Perez subsequently exited the business with a female companion (bạn đồng hành nữ), the suspect “was outside with three other Hispanic males.”

The suspect punched (đấm) Perez in the face (mặt) and kicked (đá) him in the hand (tay). The assailant (kẻ tấn công) and his associates then got into a car and left the scene (rời khỏi hiện trường).

Perez, a self-employed construction worker (công nhân xây dựng tự làm chủ) who lives in nearby Asheboro, suffered a contusion (bị chấn thương) over his left eye, but declined a police offer of medical assistance (hỗ trợ y tế).

The suspect remains at large and the matter--categorized as a misdemeanor assault (hành hung tội nhẹ)--remains open,

source: thesmokinggun

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