Giả làm ma-nơ-canh trước cửa hàng ở Warsaw để ăn trộm

A man who stood motionless  (đứng bất động) in a shop window in Warsaw holding a bag and hoping to pass for a mannequin (ma-nơ-canh) has been charged with suspected theft and burglary.

Polish (ba lan) police said the 22-year-old suspect, whom they have not named, went unnoticed by staff and shoppers as he stood frozen in the window to blend in (hòa nhập) with the mannequins.

He was accused of going into various departments and taking jewellery after closing time.

“With a bag in his hand he stood still in front of a shop window, pretending to be a display (trưng bày) mannequin,” police in the central Warsaw district (quận) of Śródmieście said in a statement. “When he felt safe, he went hunting and robbed the island of jewellery.”

The man was is also accused of other shopping centre incidents. On another day, he allegedly went to a shopping centre bar after closing time and “ate his fill”, then entered a designer clothes shop “to exchange his clothes for new ones”. He was captured on CCTV sliding under a tiny gap in the shop shutters (chớp, cuốn).

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