Tranh cãi về nguy hiểm đối với shipper trong thời tiết khắc nghiệt

nhiều tập đoàn giao hàng hàng đầu Trung Quốc hiện miễn các hình phạt do giao hàng trễ, đưa ra các khoản trợ cấp và trang phục giữ nhiệt cho nhân viên giao hàng trước tình trạng nhân viên nhấn mạnh sự cần thiết phải làm việc bất chấp điều kiện khắc nghiệt. 


With China’s delivery workers navigating (băng qua) icy roads and braving the extreme cold, an online debate has erupted (bùng nổ) over the dilemma (tình thế khó khăn) of ordering food and supplies in such frigid conditions (điều kiện thời tiết băng giá). 

And with riders themselves stressing the necessity (sự cần thiết) of work despite the conditions, major delivery companies have announced new measures to support their riders, including waiving penalties (miễn các hình phạt) for late deliveries, offering weather subsidies, and distributing essential cold weather gear (trang phục giữu nhiệt). 

For thousands of delivery workers across China, the pressure to deliver orders on time is intense (gia tăng), as their earnings (thu nhập) are significantly impacted by customer reviews and penalties for late deliveries. This often compels (buộc) riders to speed (tăng tốc) through their routes, sometimes even putting themselves at risk. 

As the cold wave continued to sweep across the country, debate unfolded (nổ ra) on social media platforms (nền tảng) such as Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, the video streaming app Bilibili, and the microblogging platform Weibo. 

Apart from the weather, users also voiced concerns (nêu quan ngại) over the risk of accidents due to icy roads affecting electric delivery vehicles, and called for more patience (sự kiên nhẫn) from customers, with some even advocating (ủng hộ) for a temporary halt (tạm nghỉ) on takeout orders. 

But in a video on Douyin on Dec. 15, a delivery worker in Beijing underscored (nhấn mạnh) that orders during such extreme (khắc nghiệt) weather significantly increased, thus allowing him to earn more money. 

“I had over 90 orders today, earning almost 1,000 yuan ($140) due to various platform incentives for harsh weather conditions,” he stated in the video. “I left my hometown and came all the way here just to make more money. This is my chance.”

source: Sixth Tone, 

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