Năng lực chúng ta hằng mong

các nhà nghiên cứu phát hiện ra một loài dơi sử dụng dương vật của mình theo một cách độc đáo trong quá trình sinh sản, không cần "đâm sâu nhớ lâu"...
Researchers have found that a species of bat uses its penis in a unique (độc đáo) way during reproduction (sinh sản), avoiding penetration completely.

Researchers from the University of Lausanne in Switzerland studied the serotine bat (dơi nâu), which has a penis about seven times longer than its partner's vagina.

The animal also has a heart-shaped head that is seven times wider than the vaginal opening. The size and shape in theory makes penetration (đâm sâu) impossible.

However, the researchers say the bats use their oversized penises like an extra arm to push the female's tail sheath out of the way.

The unique use of the appendage (phần phụ) allows the bats to engage in contact mating - a behaviour more commonly seen in how birds reproduce.

First author Nicolas Fasel said: "By chance, we had observed that these bats have disproportionately (không cân đối) long penises, and we were always wondering, 'How does that work?'.

"We thought maybe it's like in the dog where the penis engorges (nhồi nhét) after penetration so that they are locked together, or alternatively maybe they just couldn't put it inside, but that type of copulation (giao cấu) hasn't been reported in mammals until now."

source: skynews,

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