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trăn bị người cắn chết: người đi xe máy dùng răng cắn chết con trăn dài 3m khi đang lái xe ở Philippines - sau đó người dân địa phương nướng và ăn nó...
A man survived a terrifying python (trăn) attack by biting the 10ft snake to death - before villagers could feast (thưởng thức; ăn) on its remains (phần còn lại).

Boljulio Aleria, 48, was riding his motorcycle through Antequera in Bohol province, the Philippines, when the huge snake emerged (xuất hiện) from grassland and blocked his path (chặn đường).

He stopped and waited for the serpent to pass, but was shocked when it slithered (trườn) toward him instead in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The reptile (loài bò sát) sank its teeth (cắm răng) into his arm (tay) as it wrapped around his waist trying to constrict (thắt lại) him.

Despite being dizzy from blood loss, Aleria managed to trudge (lê lết) toward the nearest house to call for medics.

'I was already feeling dizzy because I lost so much blood,' he said.

Paramedics rushed him to the Governor Celestino Gallares Medical Hospital in Tagbilaran City for treatment (chữa trị).

The snake's fangs (răng nanh) had pierced his wrist (cổ tay), but luckily missed puncturing (đâm thủng) important arteries (động mạch).

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