Chắc chắn một số kẻ sẽ phải ngần ngại khi nhấn chân ga

người đàn ông ở Georgia chạy quá tốc độ bị phạt... 1,4 triệu đô la...
A Georgia man was left reeling (quay cuồng) after receiving a $1.4 million speeding ticket, but city officials say the figure was just a placeholder (phần giữ chỗ), not the actual fine (số tiền phạt).

Connor Cato tells WSAV-TV in Savannah that he received the citation (giấy phạt) after getting pulled over in September for driving 90 mph (145 kph) in a 55 mph (89 kph) zone.

He called the court (tòa án) thinking the figure was a typo but says he was told he either had to pay it or appear in court in December.

Savannah officials say anyone caught driving more than 35 mph (56 kph) above the speed limit has to appear in court, where a judge will determine the actual fine.

The figure Cato received reflected a “placeholder” that was automatically generated (tự động sản xuất) by e-citation software used by the local Recorder’s Court, said Joshua Peacock, a spokesman for Savannah’s city government. The actual fine cannot exceed $1,000 in addition to state-mandated (do nhà nước ủy quyền) costs.

“We do not issue that placeholder as a threat (mối đe dọa) to scare anybody into court, even if this person heard differently from somebody in our organization,”

He added that the court “is currently working on adjusting the placeholder language to avoid any confusion.”

source: apnews,

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