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đó có phải là tiếng "cục ta cục tác" của gà mái sau khi đẻ không :)

nghiên cứu mới của các nhà khoa học ở đại học Queensland, Úc nói rằng con người có thể phân biệt được tiếng gà gáy...
Humans can discern (phân biệt) a chicken's mood by listening to its clucks (tiếng cục tác), according to a new study, which suggests humans have a deep, "intuitive ability (khả năng trực giác)" to understand emotions across the species.

In the study released earlier this week, researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia asked people of various ages to listen to recordings of clucking chickens and guess if they were happy or distressed.

"We anticipated (dự kiến, dự đoán) that people who were experienced with chickens would be able to discern good from bad welfare (phúc lợi) from (the birds') vocalizations (cách phát âm, tiếng gáy)," the study's co-author (đồng tác giả) Clive Phillips wrote in an email to CTVNews.ca.

But, he says, they didn't expect that the general public (công chúng) would be able to do it, too.

Participants in (người tham gia) the study listened to a series of clucks made by chickens excitedly anticipating food (háo hức chờ đợi thức ăn). They also listened to the chirps (tiếng kêu) of chickens that were later denied a meal.

After listening to an assortment (phân loại, nhiều loại) of "fast clucks (tiếng kêu nhanh)," "whines" and "gakels (tiếng la, tiếng kêi)," researchers found about seven in 10 participants could identify the chickens' mood from chirps alone.

"This is a remarkable result," said co-author Joerg Henning in a news release. Both Henning and Phillips are professors at the School of Veterinary Science at The University of Queensland.

nguồn: ctvnews,

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