Khi khách hàng lừa đảo nhà hàng ở Trung Quốc

nhiều khách hàng vô đạo đức lợi dụng nỗi lo của nhà hàng về những đánh giá tiêu cực nhằm lừa đảo tiền bạc.


The customer is always right, so the saying goes — but there are exceptions (ngoại lệ).

A woman in Xi’an in the northwestern Shaanxi province has been arrested (bắt giữ) for pretending (giả vờ) to find foreign objects (vật thể lạ) such as flies and screws in her food deliveries and then extorting (tống tiền) the restaurants involved, successfully receiving compensation (bồi thường) of over 500 yuan ($70) each time.

Beijing police tracked (theo dõi) the woman, surnamed Deng, to her residence (nơi ở) more than 1,000 kilometers away from the capital city after finding that she had ordered food deliveries from 18 provinces and cities in the space of over half a year.

Deng reportedly requested her food be delivered to the entrance of different local neighborhoods, then lodged (gửi) fraudulent complaints (khiếu nại giả) about finding foreign objects in the orders. She would threaten to leave negative reviews or file a complaint with health authorities (cơ quan y tế) if the restaurants did not provide compensation.

The police found that Deng had done this more than 200 times and received 20,000 yuan in compensation in total.

In China, restaurants are very sensitive to negative complaints due to fierce competition (cạnh tranh khốc liệt). Reviews affect merchants’ scores on food delivery platforms, which are used as a reference by customers when choosing restaurants.

source: Sixth Tone,

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