Trung Quốc tuyên bố bắt giữ cố vấn nước ngoài làm gián điệp cho Anh

bộ an ninh nhà nước cho biết nhà tư vấn đã thu thập thông tin tình báo và tìm người thay mặt cho mi6, cơ quan gián điệp của anh.

China’s top intelligence agency said Monday that it had detained (bắt giữ) the head of an overseas consulting (tư vấn) agency for working as a spy for the British government to collect Chinese state secrets.

The Chinese Ministry of State Security said it caught a consultant with the surname Huang, who collected China-related intelligence and found personnel (nhân sự) on behalf of MI6, the British intelligence agency. The agency recruited (tuyển dụng) and trained Huang — who is from an unspecified “third country” — in the United Kingdom and other places, the ministry said in a post on its official WeChat account. The British government equipped the individual with “special spy equipment,” the ministry wrote.

“After meticulous (tỉ mỉ) investigation, the national security agency promptly (kịp thời) discovered criminal evidence that Huang was engaged in espionage (gián điệp) activities, and took criminal coercive (ép buộc, cưỡng chế) measures against Huang in accordance with the law,” the state security ministry wrote.

The post said that Huang provided the British government with 14 state secrets, and three pieces of intelligence. The statement did not specify the company that Huang worked for or the person’s nationality.

source: nytimes,

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