Evergrande sẽ bị tháo dỡ, một 'Vụ nổ lớn' kết thúc cho nhiều năm vấp ngã

sau nhiều lần trì hoãn và thậm chí chỉ có một vài tia hy vọng mờ nhạt, một tòa án ở hồng kông đã gióng lên hồi chuông báo tử cho công ty từng là công ty bất động sản lớn nhất trung quốc.

Months after China Evergrande ran out of cash and defaulted (vỡ nợ) in 2021, investors around the world scooped up (chộp lấy) the property developer’s (nhà phát triển bất động sản) discounted i.o.u.’s, betting that the Chinese government would eventually step in (can thiệp) to bail (bảo lãnh) it out.

On Monday it became clear just how misguided (sai lầm) that bet was. After two years in limbo (tình trạng lấp lửng), and with over $300 billion in debt, Evergrande was ordered by a judge in Hong Kong to liquidate (thanh lý), a move that will set off (gây ra) a race by lawyers to try to find and grab anything belonging to Evergrande that can be sold.

In a small courtroom on the 12th floor of Hong Kong’s High Court (tòa án tối cao) building, Evergrande’s lawyers pushed for a last-minute deal. They argued that a liquidation would hurt Evergrande’s business and not help creditors get their money back. They wanted more time to try to make a deal with Evergrande’s creditors.

But after 40 minutes of debate, Linda Chan, the bankruptcy judge presiding (chủ trì) over the case, made her decision to issue an order telling Evergrande to wind up (chấm dứt) its operations (hoạt động), citing the company’s inability (không thể) to bring a concrete proposal (đề xuất cụ thể) to the court for one and a half years.

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