Cách Trung Quốc xây dựng BYD, kẻ hủy diệt Tesla

công ty xe điện hàng đầu trung quốc, có nguồn gốc là nhà sản xuất pin, đã công bố doanh số bán hàng tăng trưởng hàng triệu ô tô trong hai năm.

China’s BYD was a battery manufacturer trying its hand at building cars when it showed off its newest model in 2007. American executives (giám đốc điều hành) at the Guangzhou (Quảng Châu) auto show gaped at the car’s uneven (không đồng đều) purple paint job and the poor fit of its doors.

“They were the laughingstock (trò cười) of the industry,” said Michael Dunne, a China auto industry analyst.

Nobody is laughing at BYD now.

The company passed Tesla in worldwide sales of fully electric cars late last year. BYD is building assembly lines (dây chuyền lắp ráp) in Brazil, Hungary, Thailand and Uzbekistan and preparing to do so in Indonesia and Mexico. It is rapidly expanding exports to Europe. And the company is on the cusp (trên đà) of passing Volkswagen Group, which includes Audi, as the market leader in China.

BYD’s sales, over 80 percent of them in China, have grown by about a million cars in each of the past two years. The last automaker to accomplish (hoàn thành) that in even one year in the American market was General Motors — and that was in 1946, after G.M. had suspended (đình chỉ) passenger car sales during the four preceding (trước) years because of World War II.

source: nytimes,

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