Làm thế nào GKids trở thành A24 của hoạt hình

nhà phân phối nhỏ này có tầm ảnh hưởng lớn vì họ xử lý các bộ phim của studio ghibli ở hoa kỳ. các tựa phim của nó đã giành được 13 giải oscar.

When the Irish (người Ireland) animated film “The Secret of Kells” received a surprise Oscar nomination in 2010, GKids, the boutique (người Ireland) distribution company that mounted a stealthy (lén lút) but mighty grass roots campaign (chiến dịch cơ sở hùng mạnh) on its behalf (thay mặt), had been around for only a little over a year.

Back then, the company’s entire operation (hoạt động) consisted of two full-time employees and one part-timer. But this year, Hayao Miyazaki’s “The Boy and the Heron” became GKids’s 13th release in their 15-year history to receive a nomination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (viện hàn lâm khoa học và nghệ thuật điện ảnh) for best animated feature. The hand-drawn (vẽ tay) movie has a real shot at winning and becoming the first GKids release to do so.

How has a small outfit focused on animation managed to have such an outsized effect in Hollywood?

Eric Beckman, a former music industry executive (điều hành), founded GKids with the intent  (mục đích) of redefining (xác định lại) American audiences’ perception (nhận thức) of animation as more than a children’s medium. At the time, family-friendly, computer-generated (máy tính tạo ra) and stylistically similar (phong cách tương tự) studio productions had an even tighter stronghold (thành trì) on animation in the United States than they do today.

GKids has since filled a precious gap by consistently releasing bold (táo bạo) animated work from around the world. For more than a decade now, it has also been entrusted (giao nhiệm vụ) with the North American distribution of titles in the catalog of the revered Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, maker of “The Boy and the Heron.”

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