Kate Winslet tận hưởng chút niềm vui khi tham gia 'The Regime'

trong loạt phim giới hạn của HBO theo chủ nghĩa phi lý, cô đóng vai một nhà độc tài Trung Âu mất sự kìm kẹp của cô ấy đối với đất nước mình

The fictional character (nhân vật hư cấu), portrayed by Kate Winslet in the darkly funny new HBO limited series “The Regime,” is a neurotic autocrat losing her grip on her country. A title card early on in the series, which premieres Sunday, announces that we are somewhere in “Central Europe,” in a country whose official vegetable is the sugar beet. As a U.S. senator played by Martha Plimpton puts it during an official visit: “A strong woman leader providing for her people, resisting (chống lại) China? We love all that.”

In an interview, he was reluctant to name the real-life figures (số liệu thực tế cuộc sống) that inspired Elena’s character, because he did not want the show to be understood as a pastiche. Still, eagle-eyed viewers might notice that the chancellor shares a name (as well as an early career in the sciences) with Elena Ceausescu, the wife of the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Or that Elena’s palace is a quarantined bubble, as was the residence of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia during the early days of the pandemic.

At the heart of the show, said Winslet, was a woman fighting for her small country, and, at times, not having a clue what she’s doing. That appealed to her own sense of humor (khiếu hài hước), the actress (nữ diễn viên) said, adding that she was drawn to “anything that is just a bit arch, and involves people sending themselves up.” (She was “a huge sucker for Will Ferrell and ‘Blades of Glory,’” she added.)

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