Bên trong những nỗ lực của Mỹ nhằm gỡ rối A.I. Mối quan hệ của người khổng lồ với Trung Quốc

các cơ quan tình báo mỹ đã cảnh báo về công ty g42 của uae và hoạt động của công ty này với các công ty lớn của trung quốc mà các quan chức mỹ coi là mối đe dọa an ninh.

When the secretive (bí mật) national security adviser (cố vấn an ninh) of the United Arab Emirates (các tiểu vương quốc ả rập thống nhất), Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, visited the White House in June, his American counterpart (đồng cấp), Jake Sullivan, raised a delicate (tế nhị) issue: G42, an artificial intelligence firm controlled by the sheikh that American officials believe is hiding the extent of its work with China.

In public, the company has announced its staggering growth with a steady cadence (nhịp độ) of news releases. They have included agreements with European pharmaceutical (dược phẩm) giants like AstraZeneca and a $100 million deal with a Silicon Valley firm to build what the companies boast will be the “world’s largest supercomputer.” Last month, G42 announced a partnership with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

But in classified American intelligence channels, there have been more concerning reports about the company. The C.I.A. and other American spy agencies have issued warnings about G42’s work with large Chinese companies that U.S. officials consider security threats, including Huawei, the telecommunications (viễn thông) giant that is under U.S. sanctions (trừng phạt).

U.S. officials fear G42 could be a conduit (đường dẫn) by which advanced American technology is siphoned (chuyển) to Chinese companies or the government. The intelligence reports have also warned that G42’s dealings with Chinese firms could be a pipeline to get the genetic (di truyền) data of millions of Americans and others into the hands of the Chinese government, according to two officials familiar with the reports.

source: nytimes,

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