Những hạn chế mới khi đến thăm nhà thờ Hồi giáo Aqsa

chính quyền Israel cảnh báo việc giảm quyền tiếp cận Al Aqsa, khu phức hợp nhà thờ Hồi giáo linh thiêng ở Jerusalem từ lâu đã trở thành điểm bùng phát căng thẳng, có thể gây ra tình trạng bất ổn.

The Israeli government was locked in debate (cuộc tranh luận) on Monday on whether to increase restrictions (hạn chế) on Muslims’ access to an important mosque compound (khu nhà thờ Hồi giáo quan trọng) in Jerusalem during the holy month of Ramadan, leading to predictions of unrest (dự đoán bất ổn) if the limits are enforced.

On Sunday, Israeli cabinet ministers (bộ trưởng nội các) debated whether to bar some members of Israel’s Arab minority from attending prayers at the Aqsa Mosque compound, a site which is sacred to Muslims and Jews alike, during Ramadan, according to the two officials.

Israel has long limited access to Al Aqsa for Palestinians from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and since the start of the war in Gaza, it has imposed extra restrictions (áp đặt thêm hạn chế) on Arab citizens and residents of Israel. Some had hoped those limits would be largely lifted for Ramadan, which is expected to begin around March 10 — but the talk now is of increasing them, instead.

source: nytimes,

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