Công ty Nhật Bản thâu tóm U.S. Steel gây thử thách cho chính sách công nghiệp của ông Biden

Biden đang chịu áp lực từ các đảng viên Đảng Dân chủ và Đảng Cộng hòa trong việc ngăn chặn việc bán cho Nippon Steel của Nhật Bản, có thể khiến một đồng minh quan trọng của nước ngoài khó chịu

U.S. Steel is an iconic example of the lost manufacturing muscle (mất cơ chế sản xuất) that President Biden says his economic policies (chính sách kinh tế) will bring back to the United States.

But last month, the storied-but-diminished company announced (tuyên bố) plans to be acquired by a Japanese competitor. That development has put Mr. Biden in an awkward bind as he tries to balance attempts to revitalize the nation’s industrial sector with his efforts to rebuild international alliances.

U.S. Steel executives say the deal would benefit workers and give the merged companies “world-leading capabilities” in steel production (sản xuất thép). They announced last month that Nippon Steel had agreed to keep the company’s headquarters in Pittsburgh and to honor the four-year collective bargaining agreement that the steelworkers’ union ratified (liên đoàn công nhân thép phê chuẩn) in December 2022.

Independent experts say it would be well within historical norms for the committee to evaluate the sale. That is likely to include a detailed economic analysis of whether the deal could lead to diminished steel production capacity (năng lực sản xuất thép giảm) in the United States, said Emily Kilcrease, a CFIUS expert and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security.

source: nytimes,

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