Người Đức có nhiều ý kiến trái chiều về sự mở rộng của Tesla? Đừng lo đã có 3 cậu học sinh đến "giải cứu"

kế hoạch mở rộng hoạt động bên ngoài Berlin của nhà sản xuất ô tô Mỹ đã gây chia rẽ trong cư dân địa phương và ba cậu học sinh làm thay đổi điều đó

Tesla’s hulking assembly plant outside Berlin, which opened two years ago in a community known for its forests and lakes, still rubs many residents the wrong way. They worry it threatens the quality (đe dọa chất lượng) of their water and air, and has disrupted the peacefulness that drew them to the area.

Now Tesla wants to clear out an additional 250 acres of forest near the plant for warehouses and a rail yard, as well as for a day care center for employees and the community. Mr. Schorcht and many of his neighbors are determined (xác định) to make sure (bảo đảm) that doesn’t happen.

The three high-school classmates created a website with a built-in chatbot that tries to rebut concerns (bác bỏ mối quan ngại) about the plan. They have also put up posters around town, adorned (trang hoàng) with two robotic-looking hands flashing a V-sign under the words “For It” written in all caps.

Using ChatGPT, they built a website that invited people to “type what you are against” — with the goal of providing counterarguments (đối số truy cập) to those opposing Tesla’s plans. But they learned how unreliable (không đáng tin cậy) the technology can be, and ended up writing letters of apology to people who received offensive responses.

The debate in Grünheide will come to a climax on Tuesday when officials announce the results of a townwide referendum on the expansion. The vote is nonbinding (không ràng buộc), but the mayor said city officials had said it would play an important role in their decision.

The company’s decision to build in Grünheide was based on various factors, including its proximity to Berlin and the site’s designation for industry. But the location, on the edge of a coal-mining region (vùng khai thác than) that had been losing jobs (mất việc), also meant that local authorities (chính quyền địa phương) were eager to welcome it.

Right now, the three teenagers are more focused on finishing high school than getting jobs or going to college. But when they think about their futures, they say that Tesla’s presence in the place where they grew up makes it possible to imagine returning one day after earning a college degree (bằng đại học).

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