Tài xế xe tải Ba Lan dỡ bỏ phong tỏa biên giới với Ukraine

việc đình chỉ cuộc biểu tình cho đến tháng 3, trong khi các nhà lãnh đạo của cuộc biểu tình nói chuyện với chính phủ ba lan, hứa hẹn sẽ mang lại một số cứu trợ cho nền kinh tế đang suy yếu của ukraine.

Polish (Ba Lan) truckers have lifted their blockade (phong tỏa) of checkpoints (trạm kiểm soát) on the border with Ukraine after reaching an agreement with their government, putting an end for now to a two-month protest (biểu tình) that has delayed tons of goods (hàng hóa) from reaching Europe and strained (căng thẳng) the Ukrainian economy.

Under the agreement, reached on Tuesday afternoon, the truckers will suspend (tạm dừng) the blockade while they hold further talks with the Polish government to reach a final deal by March 1. A few hours later, Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service (cơ quan biên phòng nhà nước) announced that traffic had resumed (hoạt động trở lại) at the three border crossings that remained blocked.
A free flow of goods (luồng hàng hóa tự do) “is vital (thiết yếu) in times of war, especially for the supply of the military and humanitarian goods, for exports and for the functioning (hoạt động) of our economy,” Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s infrastructure minister (bộ trưởng cơ sở hạ tầng), said in a statement welcoming the agreement.

Since the war began in 2022, Ukraine has mainly used overland routes (tuyến đường bộ) for its exports because of Russia’s attempt to blockade the Black Sea. But Polish truckers have complained about what they see as unfair and cheap competition from their Ukrainian counterparts (đối tác), threatening their own profits. Starting in early November, they blocked several checkpoints, forcing thousands of Ukrainian trucks to wait for days at the border.

source: nytimes,

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