Tòa án hàng đầu của Liên Hợp Quốc tổ chức ngày điều trần cuối cùng về sự chiếm đóng của Israel

phiên điều trần về tính hợp pháp việc Israel chiếm đóng vùng lãnh thổ người Palestine gây thêm áp lực cho Israel trong cuộc chiến ở Gaza

The United Nations’ top court on Monday heard a final day of arguments on the legality of Israel’s decades-long occupation (nghề nghiệp kéo dài hàng thập kỷ) of Palestinian territories, proceedings that have added pressure (áp lực) to Israel at a time when attention focuses on the war in Gaza.

The hearings, which began last Monday, were the first time that the court, the International Court of Justice, had been asked to detail the legal consequences (hậu quả pháp lý) of Israel’s “prolonged occupation, settlement and annexation” (sự chiếm đóng, định cư và sáp nhập kéo dài) of the territories (lãnh thổ, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, since 1967 — issues that have been the subject of years of debate and resolutions at the United Nations. The U.N. General Assembly asked the court to give an advisory opinion.

The proceedings have been given urgency by Israel’s war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Health authorities in Gaza say that Israel’s military campaign has killed more than 29,000 people, the majority civilians, and provoked what the United Nations says is a humanitarian disaster.

Mr. Biden has said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government has been “over the top” in its conduct of the war in Gaza. And on Friday, Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said that the American government was reversing a Trump administration policy and would now consider new Israeli settlements (khu định cư) in Palestinian territories to be “inconsistent with international law (luật quôc tê).”

source: nytimes,

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