Điều tra xe điện trong vụ cháy chung cư Nam Kinh khiến 15 người chết

chính quyền thành phố thông báo điều tra kỹ lưỡng về các mối nguy an toàn tại các tòa chung cư, khu thương mại và các khu vực đông dân cư khác.


A devastating (thảm họa) fire in a high-rise residential building (tòa chung cư) early Friday morning in eastern China’s city of Nanjing left 15 people dead and another 44 injured, including one individual in critical condition (tình trạng nguy kịch).

Liang Jun, the head of the Nanjing Fire Rescue Brigade (Đội cứu hỏa Nam Kinh), said at a news conference (họp báo) Saturday that the fire started on the ground floor of the building where several electric bicycles (xe đạp điện) were parked.

According to municipal authorities (chính quyền thành phố), the fire was reported at 4:39 a.m. at the Mingshang Xiyuan community in Nanjing’s Yuhuatai District, where 762 people reside in the affected 34-story building. It was extinguished (dập tắt) by 6:01 a.m.

The blaze started on an open floor connected to the building’s atrium (cửa). “After the fire ignited (bốc cháy) on the ground floor, a chimney effect accelerated (lan nhanh) the spread, with multiple combustible materials (vật liệu dễ cháy) along the chimney wall intensifying (tăng cường) the blaze. It then spread through windows into the building, causing an indoor fire,” Zhou Guanglian, a senior engineer from the Jiangsu Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps, told state broadcaster (đài truyền hình trung ương) CCTV.

The tragedy (thảm kịch) further underscores the escalating (leo thang) safety risks posed by electric bicycles in densely populated urban communities. While regulations (quy định) prohibit the parking or charging of electric bicycles in public areas of high-rise buildings, enforcement (thực thi) still remains a challenge, exacerbated (trầm trọng) by insufficient charging stations and the improper storage of such vehicles.

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