Một vụ hành quyết bất thành ở Idaho gia hạn giám sát việc tiêm thuốc độc

Idaho đã thực hiện vụ hành quyết đầu tiên sau 12 năm vào thứ Tư, nhưng các nhân viên y tế không thể chạm vào tĩnh mạch của tù nhân

Executioners (người hành quyết) in Idaho abandoned their attempt to use lethal injection (tiêm thuốc độc) on one of the nation’s longest-serving death row inmates on Wednesday after repeated tries to tap into a vein (tĩnh mạch) were unsuccessful (bất thành).

Public defenders (luật sư công) representing the inmate (tù nhân), Thomas Eugene Creech, and witnesses said that officials had tried to stick needles (kim tiêm) in each of Mr. Creech’s limbs before halting the effort. Mr. Creech’s death warrant (lệnh tử hình) was to expire at the end of the day, and he was returned to his cell.

After the botched execution (thực hiện thất bại), Mr. Creech’s lawyers filed a motion in federal court to halt further attempts to execute him and denounced the failures of the Idaho Department of Correction.

Mr. Creech, 73, was convicted (bị kết án) of five murders and suspected of others. He has been in prison for 50 years and was sentenced to death in 1983 for the murder of David Jensen, a fellow inmate whom Mr. Creech attacked with a sock filled with batteries.

Media witnesses said that nearly an hour into the execution effort, Mr. Creech reported that his legs “hurt a little bit,” which the state attributed to a cramp. Soon after, Mr. Tewalt consulted with the medical team and determined that an IV line could not be established, officials said. The state said it was considering its next steps.

A growing number of states have banned the death penalty (án tử hình), while others have encountered troubles in maintaining their execution schedules because they have been unable to procure lethal drugs. Idaho was one of those states, although it was able to acquire the drugs after the Legislature passed a law in 2022 shielding the identity (bảo vệ danh tính) of those who supply them. Other states continue the method. On Wednesday evening, Texas executed a prisoner by lethal injection.

source: nytimes,

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