Vấn đề nan giải: Cách báo của Vương quốc Anh che đậy Công nương Catherine

ở đất nước mà đấu tranh cho sức khỏe của nhân vật công chúng thường coi là vượt quá giới hạn, nhà báo cố gắng cân bằng quyền riêng tư với mong đợi về câu chuyện hoàng gia

After a week of often hysterical speculation about her well-being, there were suddenly two plausible pieces (phần hợp lý) of evidence that Catherine, Princess of Wales, was on the mend: a photo of her in a car driven by her mother and a confirmation by the British Army that she would attend a military ceremony in June.

At the end of another hothouse news cycle, consumers of royal news were back where they started: in the dark about the princess, who had abdominal surgery (phẫu thuật ổ bụng) in January and has not been seen during her lengthy convalescence (thời gian dưỡng bệnh kéo dài).

British courts have ruled that the right to privacy extends (mở rộng quyền riêng tư to members of the royal family, and the Editors’ Code of Practice, under which much of the British press operates, protects all individuals against unjustified intrusion into matters of physical and mental health.

Some critics were less generous about the media’s motives, particularly given that the images are easily accessible to anyone with a few swipes on an iPhone.

This is the second time in four months that the British media has declined to publish details about the royal family even after they had circulated (lưu hành) on social media. In November, papers did not print the names of Catherine and King Charles III after they were identified, in the Dutch edition of a new book, as family members who had allegedly asked about the skin color of the unborn child of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan.The floodgates broke only after Piers Morgan, a prominent TV host, disclosed the names on his program. Buckingham Palace said at the time it would contemplate legal action (cân nhắc hành động pháp lý), but it did not act.

The mixed messages over Catherine’s attendance at Trooping the Color may end up being a simple case of bureaucratic bungling. The army said on its website that Catherine, in her capacity as colonel of the Irish guards, would review soldiers who are to parade in the ceremony on June 8.

source: nytimes,

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