Đêm tiệc tùng ở thị trường chứng khoán, mua thấp và uống cạn

ở London, “xã hội hóa cạnh tranh” biến quán rượu thành sàn giao dịch chứng khoán, sân gôn và sân cricket cho người tìm kiếm trò chơi uống rượu phức tạp

The 411, a pub in London, usually sells about £3,000 worth of drinks (about $3,800) on a weeknight. But on another recent Wednesday, it brought in £18,300 — more than $23,000 — said Antonio del Monte, the general manager.

The young and the thirsty had come for “Wall Street Wednesdays,” where drink prices fluctuate with demand like a stock market. Attendees queue three-deep at the bar for a “market crash,” when an air horn pierces through conversations and prices plummet (giá giảm mạnh).

But in the past few years, dedicated game bars have opened across London. There are board game bars and shuffleboard bars. There are darts bars and arcade bars and multiple mini-golf bar chains. There are ax-throwing bars and virtual clay target shooting (bắn mục tiêu) bars.

“This is the formula,” said Oyama Valashiya, a 29-year-old finance recruiter. He leaned against a column in the 411, pausing to vape. “Mix activity with alcohol, and the people will come.”

The stock market (thị trường chứng khoán) concept has cropped up in venues across Britain and the world, including in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Cape Town and Beirut. Bars like the 411 contract with the Drink Exchange, which owns the software displayed on the bars’ TVs. The company has yet to expand to the United States.

Two business school friends from Britain started the company in the mid-1990s. Chris Dunkley, a founder, said they are on track to operate (đang trên đường vận hành) in 20 countries by 2025: “Weirdly, after 30 years, the timing is now right.”

The pair would be more than happy to sit in a pub and chat, Mr. Clark said, but with a shtick comes a crowd that can liven up an otherwise sleepy weeknight.

The air horn sounded. They winced, rolling their eyes at the masses flooding the bar.

source: nytimes,

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