Cơ quan chức năng bắt giữ cá sấu nuôi trái phép tại nhà

chú cá sấu Albert Edward ở bên chủ suốt 34 năm

The agency said that Albert’s owner, Tony Cavallaro, had a license for the alligator (giấy phép nuôi cá sấu), but it expired in 2021. In an interview, Mr. Cavallaro, 64, said that while visitors to his home did sometimes take pictures with Albert, they never swam with him or rode him. Instead, they would briefly get in the water for a quick photo with the animal, often when he was sleeping, Mr. Cavallaro said.

When it comes to Albert’s health issues (vấn đề sức khỏe), Mr. Cavallaro said that those could be attributed to his advanced age as well as his species — alligators often develop cataracts (cá sấu thường bị đục thủy tinh thể). “He’s always had a problem with his eyes,” he said.

The department took the alligator to a licensed caretaker (người chăm sóc được cấp phép) who will look after Albert until he can be transported to a permanent facility, the Facebook post said, adding that charges against Mr. Cavallaro were being considered.

Mr. Cavallaro said that he bought Albert at a reptile show in Columbus, Ohio, in August 1990, when the alligator was a newborn. Mr. Cavallaro is a reptile enthusiast (người đam mê bò sát) who at one point owned over 100 reptiles, he said, but caring for them was too much work. Since he gave up the last of his snakes 16 years ago, it has just been him and Albert. Until Wednesday.

source: nytimes,

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