Biden gọi xe điện Trung Quốc là mối đe dọa an ninh

tổng thống ra lệnh điều tra về công nghệ ô tô có thể theo dõi tài xế ở Mỹ, một phần trong nỗ lực rộng lớn hơn nhằm ngăn chặn E.V. và nhập khẩu ô tô thông minh từ Trung Quốc

President Biden took steps on Thursday toward blocking internet-connected Chinese cars and trucks from entry to the American auto market, including electric vehicles, saying they posed risks to national security because their operating systems (hệ điều hành) could send sensitive information to Beijing.

The immediate action was the opening of a Commerce Department investigation into security threats, which could lead to new regulations or restrictions (quy định hoặc hạn chế mới) on Chinese vehicles.

China has rapidly scaled up its production of electric vehicles in recent years, setting it on a collision course with Mr. Biden’s industrial policy efforts (nỗ lực chính sách công nghiệp) that seek to help American automakers dominate (nhà sản xuất ô tô thống trị) that market at home and abroad. Some of its smaller cars sell for less than $11,000 each — significantly less than a comparable American-made electric vehicle.

Administration officials noted that American auto manufacturers that sold vehicles to customers in China were essentially forced by Chinese officials to use Chinese software in their vehicles (phương tiện).

The announcement was the latest example of Mr. Biden’s moving to ramp up technology restrictions on China, and continued a bipartisan trend toward more antagonistic trade relations between the world’s largest economies. The Commerce Department investigation ordered by Mr. Biden marks the first use of a new authority established under an executive order issued in 2019 by Mr. Trump.

China is “flooding foreign markets with their autos,” Ms. Brainard said. “Many of those vehicles can connect on a continuous basis with our infrastructure potentially (cơ sở hạ tầng tiềm năng), with the drivers’ smartphones, with nearby cars. So they’re collecting a tremendous amount of information (lượng thông tin khổng lồ).”

source: nytimes,

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