Giám đốc của Boeing từ chức trong cuộc cải tổ lớn tại Embattled Plane Maker

giám đốc điều hành của công ty, Dave Calhoun, cho biết ông rời đi vào cuối năm nay. Stan Deal, người đứng đầu bộ phận máy bay thương mại của Boeing, rời đi ngay lập tức

Boeing abruptly said on Monday that it was overhauling its leadership amid its most significant safety crisis in years, announcing sweeping changes that included the departure of its chief executive, Dave Calhoun, at the end of the year (cuối năm).

The aircraft maker has been under mounting pressure from regulators, airlines and passengers as the company struggled to respond to the fallout from an incident in early January in which a panel blew off a Boeing 737 Max 9 plane midair during an Alaska Airlines flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which regulates the company, grounded 737 Max 9 planes across the United States after the Alaska Airlines incident. When the agency cleared the planes to fly again in late January, it also imposed limits on Boeing’s planned production increase of Max planes, foiling the company’s latest attempt (nỗ lực mới nhất) to better compete with its European rival Airbus.

A recent F.A.A. audit of Boeing’s Max production found dozens of lapses (tìm thấy hàng chục sai sót). The agency gave Boeing 90 days, or until about late May, to address its issues. The Justice Department has also reached out to passengers of the Alaska Airlines flight, informing them that they may be a “possible victim of a crime,” according to a copy of one such notification.

Since the door plug incident in January, Mr. Calhoun has repeatedly affirmed (nhiều lần khẳng định) the company’s commitment to quality and safety. But pressure continued to rise on him and Boeing. The National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary report about the incident said that four bolts that were supposed to hold the door plug in place appeared to be missing before it came off the plane. It said the bolts were removed at a Boeing factory in Renton, Wash., where the 737 Max is built, so that damaged rivets could be repaired (đinh tán bị hư hỏng có thể sửa chữa).

One union leader, who represents more than 19,000 engineers, scientists, pilots and other employees at Boeing and its supplier Spirit AeroSystems, said the plane maker’s management needed to make more far-reaching changes to regain its credibility.

source: nytimes,

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