Liên minh Châu Âu nhắm vào Alphabet, Apple và Meta trong cuộc điều tra trên phạm vi rộng

cuộc điều tra báo hiệu ý định của khối trong việc thực thi chặt chẽ quy định cạnh tranh mới có hiệu lực trong tháng này

The inquiries are the first that regulators have announced since the Digital Markets Act took effect on March 7, and they signal the bloc’s intention to tightly enforce (ý định thực thi chặt chẽ) the sweeping competition rules. The law requires Alphabet, Apple, Meta and other tech giants to open up their platforms so smaller rivals can have more access to their users, potentially affecting app stores, messaging services, internet search, social media and online shopping.

The investigations in Brussels add to the regulatory scrutiny (giám sát quy định) facing the largest tech companies and show growing alignment between the United States and Europe on the need to crack down on the firms for anticompetitive behavior (hành vi phản cạnh tranh).

Last week in Washington, the Justice Department sued Apple for breaking antitrust laws with practices that were intended to keep customers reliant on their iPhones and less likely to switch to a competing device. Amazon, Google and Meta are also facing federal antitrust lawsuits (vụ kiện chống độc quyền liên bang).

The investigations announced on Monday intensify a yearslong campaign by European regulators to loosen the grip of the biggest tech companies on the digital economy. This month, Ms. Vestager announced a 1.85 billion-euro ($2 billion) fine against Apple for unfair business practices related to the App Store. Amazon, Google and Meta have also been subject to E.U. investigations.

Many in the tech industry have wondered how aggressively E.U. regulators would enforce the new competition law. In Brussels, the tech companies have been participating in workshops about how the rules would be carried out. At the same time, many app developers, competitors and consumer groups have complained to regulators (cơ quan quản lý) that the changes made by the companies so far were insufficient.

source: nytimes,

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