Harvard phát hiện thêm trường hợp đạo văn trong luận văn của hiệu trưởng

Claudine Gay đối mặt với lời chỉ trích ngày càng tăng không chỉ về phản ứng của bà đối với chủ nghĩa bài Do Thái trong khuôn viên trường mà còn cả học bổng của bà

Harvard University, in the face of mounting questions (gắn câu hỏi) over possible plagiarism (khả năng đạo văn) in the scholarly work of its president, Claudine Gay, said on Wednesday that it had found two additional instances of insufficient citation in her work.

The news was an embarrassing development for the university, which has sought to quell tumult (dập tắt sự hỗn loạn) over Dr. Gay’s leadership in recent weeks.

More than a week ago, Dr. Gay seemed to survive concerns (tồn tại mối quan tâm) about her response to the Oct. 7 attack on Israel and charges of antisemitism on campus, only to be faced with criticism of her scholarship. Wednesday’s news has raised more questions about the process by which the university board, known as the Harvard Corporation, has handled plagiarism allegations against Dr. Gay, and whether it has been overly lenient (quá khoan dung) with her.

The allegations of plagiarism against Dr. Gay have been driven by conservative media, and on Dec. 10 surfaced publicly when the activist Christopher Rufo published a newsletter piece headlined (đã xuất bản bản tin có tiêu đề), “Is Claudine Gay a Plagiarist?” That article, which highlighted issues with Dr. Gay’s dissertation, appeared the night before the board met to decide if she would remain as Harvard’s president.

Additional allegations continued to surface in conservative outlets like The Washington Free Beacon and on social media, even after the board announced on Dec. 12 that it would stand behind her.

source: nytimes,

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