Điểm nổi bật từ cuộc phóng thử nghiệm Starship của SpaceX

phiên bản chở các phi hành gia lên mặt trăng cho NASA, được phóng lần thứ ba. Đạt cột mốc quan trọng trước khi mất liên lạc với mặt đất

The third try turned out to be closer to the charm for Elon Musk and SpaceX, as his company’s mammoth Starship rocket launched on Thursday and traveled about halfway around the Earth before it was lost as it re-entered the atmosphere (mất liên lạc khi quay trở lại bầu khí quyển).

The test flight achieved several key milestones (đạt được một số cột mốc quan trọng) in the development of the vehicle, which could alter the future of space transportation and help NASA return astronauts to the moon.

This particular flight was not, by design, intended to make it all the way around the Earth. At 8:25 a.m. Central time, Starship — the biggest and most powerful rocket ever to fly — lifted off from the coast of South Texas. The ascent was smooth (quá trình phóng diễn ra suôn sẻ) , with the upper Starship stage reaching orbital velocities (giai đoạn đạt vận tốc quỹ đạo). About 45 minutes after launch, it started re-entering the atmosphere, heading toward a belly-flop splashdown (cú rơi lộn nhào) in the Indian Ocean.

Live video, conveyed in near real-time via SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, showed red-hot gases heating the underside of the vehicle. Then, 49 minutes after launch, communications with Starship ended, and SpaceX later said the vehicle had not survived the re-entry, presumably disintegrating and falling into the ocean.

Even so, Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, congratulated SpaceX on what he called a “successful test flight” of the system his agency is counting on for some of its Artemis lunar missions (sứ mệnh mặt trăng của Artemis).

To leave Earth’s orbit, Starship must have its propellant tanks refilled (thùng nhiên liệu được nạp lại) with liquid methane and liquid oxygen. That will require a complex choreography of additional Starship launches to take the propellants to orbit.

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