Đảng Cộng hòa Hạ viện tiếp tục với dự luật nhắm mục tiêu vào TikTok khi Trump phản đối nó

hai bên thể hiện sự cứng rắn với Trung Quốc, luật pháp lưỡng đảng nhằm buộc chủ sở hữu nền tảng Trung Quốc phải thoái vốn hoặc đối mặt với lệnh cấm được tiến hành

House Republican leaders are moving this week to pass legislation that would force the Chinese owners of TikTok to sell the platform or face being barred in the United States, even after former President Donald J. Trump came out against targeting the popular social media app he once vowed to ban.

Representative Steve Scalise, Republican of Louisiana and the majority leader, said on Monday that the House would try to speed the bill to passage under special procedures reserved for noncontroversial (không gây tranh cãi) legislation, which require a two-thirds majority for passage. The approach reflected the bill’s growing momentum on Capitol Hill during an election year in which members of both political parties are eager to demonstrate a willingness to be tough on China.

But Mr. Trump, who as president issued an executive order (lệnh điều hành) that did exactly that, has now changed course and is vocally opposing the bill, a move that will test his ability (kiểm tra khả năng) to continue tanking bipartisan legislation (luật lưỡng đảng về xe tăng) in Congress from the campaign trail.

But unlike the issue of immigration (nhập cư), the two parties are not divided over TikTok; both see a political upside to backing policies that take aim at China.

Still, Mr. Trump’s advocacy against the bill appears to be having some effect. Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said on “Meet the Press” that he was “really conflicted” about the ban. In 2020, Mr. Graham defended Mr. Trump’s executive action against the company, writing on social media that the president was “right to want to make sure that the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t own TikTok and most importantly — all of your private data (dữ liệu riêng tư).”

Through the Club for Growth, Mr. Yass has funded a major advocacy drive in Washington to stop the banning of TikTok. He and his allies have recruited several former Trump administration officials to help with the effort — including Tony Sayegh, who was a Treasury official, and Kellyanne Conway, who was a senior counselor to the president (cố vấn cấp cao của tổng thống).

source: nytimes,

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