Làm thế nào A.I. thúc đẩy ChatGPT?

Covariant, công ty khởi nghiệp về robot, thiết kế công nghệ cho phép robot học kỹ năng giống chatbot

Companies like OpenAI and Midjourney build chatbots, image generators (công cụ tạo hình ảnh) and other artificial intelligence tools that operate in the digital world (thế giới kỹ thuật số).

Now, a start-up founded by three former OpenAI researchers is using the technology development methods behind chatbots to build A.I. technology that can navigate the physical world (điều hướng thế giới vật chất).

Covariant, a robotics company headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., is creating ways for robots to pick up, move and sort items as they are shuttled through warehouses and distribution centers (trung tâm phân phối). Its goal is to help robots gain an understanding of what is going on around them and decide what they should do next.

Covariant, backed by $222 million in funding, does not build robots. It builds the software that powers robots. The company aims to deploy its new technology with warehouse robots (triển khai công nghệ mới với robot kho hàng), providing a road map for others to do much the same in manufacturing plants and perhaps even on roadways with driverless cars.

As companies train this kind of system on increasingly large and varied collections of data (bộ sưu tập dữ liệu khác nhau), researchers believe it will rapidly improve.

By learning from digital data — hundreds of thousands of examples of what happens in the physical world — robots can begin to handle the unexpected (xử lý điều bất ngờ). And when those examples are paired with language, robots can also respond to text and voice suggestions, as a chatbot would.

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