JetBlue và Spirit hủy bỏ việc sáp nhập trị giá 3,8 tỷ USD

JetBlue cho biết họ sẽ trả cho Spirit 69 triệu USD để chấm dứt thỏa thuận, điều cơ quan quản lý chống độc quyền liên bang ngăn chặn

JetBlue Airways and Spirit Airlines announced (tuyên bố) on Monday that they would not seek to overturn a court ruling that blocked their planned $3.8 billion merger. The decision is a big win for the Biden administration, which has sough to limit corporate consolidation (hạn chế hợp nhất doanh nghiệp).

Backing out of the agreement will cost JetBlue. Under the terms of the deal, it has to pay Spirit a breakup fee of $69 million and Spirit’s shareholders $400 million.

JetBlue and Spirit had appealed Judge Young’s decision, and JetBlue filed an appellate brief (tóm tắt phúc thẩm) as recently as last week. But the companies appear to have concluded that they would be better off walking away than pursuing an appeal that might not succeed.

The decision to terminate the deal was not unexpected. In a securities filing on Jan. 26, JetBlue said it might walk away. Spirit said in its own filing the same day that it believed “there is no basis for terminating” the agreement.

But regulators are likely to challenge a deal that they believe would result in higher fares, which suggests that only another low-cost airline that does not compete directly with Spirit on many routes would be able to pull off a deal. One possible candidate (ứng viên tiềm năng) is Frontier Airlines, a low-cost carrier that had proposed buying Spirit before JetBlue outbid it by about $1 billion.

A merger of the airlines would have given the combined company a bigger share of the market, which is dominated by four carriers — American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

source: nytimes,

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