Gia đình McCallisters trong phim ‘Ở nhà một mình’ giàu đến mức nào?

người hâm mộ tranh luận về sự giàu có của gia đình McCallister trong nhiều năm. Chúng tôi yêu cầu Cục Dự trữ Liên bang trả lời

The battle in “Home Alone” between 8-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) and two burglars known as the Wet Bandits has unfolded on screens (diễn ra trên màn ảnh) around the world every Christmas since the film premiered in 1990.

And each year, for some viewers, the McCallisters’ grand home and lifestyle inspires its own tradition: wondering just how rich this family was.

The silver tuna, or its exterior anyway, is a real-world house at 671 Lincoln Avenue in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States, according to It appears to have enough space for Kevin and his four siblings to each have their own rooms, but also can accommodate an army of visitors (chứa một đội quân du khách).

On the internet, where this question regularly pops up, some people have suggested Kate McCallister is a fashion designer, because the house has several mannequins inside, which later feature in one of Kevin’s attempts to trick the burglars into thinking he is not, in fact, home alone.

Flying 15 people to Paris is expensive, especially with the four adults flying first class (hạng thương gia), but Kevin’s parents don’t pay for the airplane tickets (vé máy bay). Early in the film, Kate McCallister tells a police officer — who is actually Harry in disguise (cải trang) — that her husband’s brother paid for the flights (chuyến bay).

When the film was made, navy blue and dusty pink were popular interior design colors, Cauley said. But she was inspired by Norman Rockwell paintings and antique Christmas cards to use saturated reds, greens and golds in the family home.

source: nytimes,

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