Manchester United bán 25% cổ phần sở hữu cho Jim Ratcliffe

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After a year of rumors, offers, final deadlines and final, final deadlines, the owners of Manchester United on Sunday announced that they had sold a minority stake in the team, English soccer’s most successful club, to the British petrochemical billionaire Jim Ratcliffe.

The sale of the 25 percent stake in United, the former English and European champion, was confirmed by representatives of United and INEOS, Mr. Ratcliffe’s company, and announced by the club on social media.

In addition to acquiring a significant ownership stake (sở hữu lượng cổ phần đáng kể), Mr. Ratcliffe also agreed to provide another $300 million “intended to enable future investment into Old Trafford,” the club’s iconic stadium. As part of the deal, INEOS was given responsibility for managing the team’s soccer operations, granting it effective control (cấp cho nó quyền kiểm soát hiệu quả) over “all aspects” of the United men’s and women’s teams and also the club’s youth academy (học viện thanh thiếu niên).

The sale process began more than a year ago, kicked off by an offhand comment from Elon Musk on social media that he was buying the club (mua lại câu lạc bộ). Musk later said his offer had been a joke, but the Glazers were apparently serious about hearing more.

Fans will be hoping the new era will lead to a return of United’s winning ways, and a reversal of the botched succession planning that followed the retirement of the legendary coach Alex Ferguson after he led the team to the last of its 20 league championships (giải vô địch) in 2013. Since then, new coaches have come and gone, and vast sums have been spent on new recruits. But without a discernible strategy, the club now finds itself with a bloated and underperforming roster (đội hình kém hiệu quả), and clinging to eighth place in the 20-team Premier League.

source: nytimes,

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