Từ con đường phát triển chông gai đến ngày chào bán cổ phiếu lần đầu ra mắt của Reddit

trang web này, sự quay trở lại kỷ nguyên truyền thông xã hội trước đó, sẵn sàng ra mắt công chúng. Để đạt mốc này không hề dễ dàng

Mr. Huffman, who was working on a travel site, was not eager to come back. Reddit was a headache. It was experiencing a revolving door of chief executives. Its sprawling community of users was combative with management. Reddit’s ownership was also complicated, and its technology was lagging behind competitors.

This month, Reddit is poised to reach the stock market in one of the first tech initial public offerings of the year. Its move stands out. Unlike a recent crop of start-ups (công ty khởi nghiệp) that are focused entirely on artificial intelligence, the 19-year-old company is a throwback to an earlier era of social media. It is also trying to go public at a time when investors have been skeptical of tech (hoài nghi về công nghệ) offerings.

This week, as Reddit began a roadshow to appeal to potential investors (nhà đầu tư tiềm năng), the hurdles it faced were apparent. The company said it was aiming to raise up to $748 million in its offering, selling about 22 million shares at $31 to $34 each, according to a filing. That would put its valuation at around $6.4 billion, below the $10 billion valuation it fetched in 2021 during a private round of financing (vòng tài trợ tư nhân).

Skepticism about the I.P.O. was on display in a well-known Reddit community called WallStreetBets, a forum where people discuss stocks and trading and that helped fuel the rise of “meme stocks.” Some commenters said Reddit had not proved that it could make money from its users or its data.

Reddit has also tried bringing its site out of the Stone Age by updating its design. It is experimenting with revamped features that highlight photos and videos and has improved its algorithms (thuật toán) to suggest different posts based on users’ interests.

Not everything has gone smoothly, including a revolt by moderators last year. Mr. Huffman said in an interview at the time that there was general anxiety over Reddit’s changes as part of a natural “maturation process.”

Many current and former employees are relieved that after nearly 20 years of drama as a private company, Reddit is now days away from ringing the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange. In a private Slack group created by former employees, activity is soaring in anticipation (dự đoán) of finally being able to sell their company shares, two former employees who are part of the group said.

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