Nga tăng cường chiến dịch trực tuyến chống lại Ukraine trước cuộc bầu cử ở Mỹ

quan chức và chuyên gia cho biết Moscow đã tìm ra những cách tốt hơn để che giấu các hoạt động gây ảnh hưởng nhằm truyền bá các lập luận ủng hộ chủ nghĩa biệt lập

Russia has intensified its online efforts to derail military funding for Ukraine in the United States and Europe, largely by using harder-to-trace technologies to amplify arguments for isolationism ahead of the U.S. elections, according to disinformation experts and intelligence assessments.

In recent days, intelligence agencies have warned that Russia has found better ways to hide its influence operations, and the Treasury Department issued sanctions last week against two Russian companies that it said supported the Kremlin’s campaign (chiến dịch).

The stepped-up operations, run by aides to President Vladimir V. Putin and Russian military intelligence agencies (cơ quan tình báo quân sự), come at a critical moment in the debate in the United States over support for Ukraine in its war against Russia. While opposition to additional aid may have started without Russian influence, the Kremlin now sees an opportunity.

The loosely linked “Doppelgänger” creates fake versions (phiên bản giả) of real news websites in the United States, Israel, Germany and Japan, among other countries. It often promotes websites previously associated with Russia’s military intelligence agency, known as the G.R.U.

The result is that much of the original speech is First Amendment-protected — say a member of Congress declaring that resources being sent to Ukraine should instead be used to patrol the southern border of the United States. But the amplification is engineered (sự khuếch đại được thiết kế) in Russia or by Russian influencers.

After the 2016 vote, Democrats and Republicans fiercely debated whether Mr. Putin simply wanted to create chaos in the American electorate or actively supported Mr. Trump. The intelligence agencies concluded in that election, and in 2020, that Russia sought to bolster (tìm cách củng cố) Mr. Trump.

Intelligence agencies believe the Russian government again favors Mr. Trump’s election, largely because of his skepticism about aid to Ukraine. But how explicitly Russian influence operations will support Mr. Trump or denigrate Mr. Biden is unknown, according to American officials.

source: nytimes,

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