Thượng nghị sĩ kêu gọi Biden ngừng trang bị vũ khí cho Israel với lý do vi phạm luật viện trợ của Mỹ

thành viên Đảng Dân chủ độc lập và bảy thành viên Đảng Dân chủ lập luận trong bức thư rằng chính quyền vi phạm một phần của luật cấm viện trợ quân sự đến bất kỳ quốc gia ngăn chặn viện trợ nhân đạo

In a letter to Mr. Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, and seven Democrats argued that by continuing to arm Israel, Mr. Biden was violating the Foreign Assistance Act, which bars military support (luật hỗ trợ quân sự) from going to any nation that restricts the delivery of humanitarian aid (hạn chế cung cấp viện trợ nhân đạo).

It was the latest bid by members of his own party to intensify pressure on Mr. Biden to use his leverage to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu change his tactics and mitigate the suffering of Palestinians as the offensive in Gaza drags into its fifth month.

The move is the latest bid by Democrats in Congress to register their discontent (bất mãn) with Mr. Netanyahu’s conduct and lean on Mr. Biden to use his power to try to change Israel’s tactics as civilian deaths rise (số dân thường thiệt mạng gia tăng) and reports of starvation increase. The letter, written by Senators Sanders, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland and Jeff Merkley of Oregon, is signed by some of the Democratic Party’s most progressive members: Senators Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Mazie K. Hirono of Hawaii, Peter Welch of Vermont, Tina Smith of Minnesota and Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico.

The letter draws a distinction between defensive aid for Israel, such as the Iron Dome, and the military assistance that would go toward furthering Israel’s assault (tấn công) on the Gaza Strip.

This month, Mr. Biden authorized an airdrop of 38,000 ready-to-eat meals into Gaza, and last week he announced that the U.S. military would build a temporary pier to create a new entry point for aid into the region.

The actions, the senators said, are a tacit admission (ngầm thừa nhận) from the White House that Israel is standing in the way of much-needed food and supplies getting to starved Palestinians.

source: nytimes,

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