Tesla ngừng sản xuất ở Đức sau khi nghi ngờ đốt phá

cảnh sát tin rằng vụ cháy tại cột điện cao thế là cố tình dàn dựng, trong bối cảnh bất ổn về kế hoạch mở rộng nhà máy lắp ráp gần Berlin của nhà sản xuất ô tô

Tesla was forced to halt production at its assembly plant outside (nhà máy lắp ráp bên ngoài) Berlin early Tuesday after someone set fire to a nearby high-voltage pylon, causing a blaze that cut off electricity to the factory and surrounding region, the police said.

The police in Brandenburg, the state where the plant is, said they responded to the early-morning fire at a high-voltage power mast (cột điện cao thế) in a field near Tesla’s plant. The fire did not damage the building, but it caused power to be cut at the plant and across the wider region (khu vực rộng hơn), home to some 60,000 people.

Tesla did not respond to requests for comment, but a spokeswoman for the U.S. automaker confirmed to German media that production had been halted and all employees evacuated. Some 12,500 people work at the plant, according to Tesla, but not all of them would have been present at the time the power went down (mất điện).

Hours after the fire was discovered, a group calling itself Vulkangruppe and linking itself to the antifascist movement published an open letter on a site widely used by left-wing activists, claiming responsibility for the attack.

The incident was the latest headache for the automaker in Europe. For months, Tesla has been locked in a standoff with unions (bế tắc với công đoàn) in Sweden that has impeded its ability to service and deliver vehicles in the country. In Germany, environmental and local citizen groups concerned about the pollution and potential damage to drinking water have kept up regular protests against Tesla since it opened the plant two years ago.

Tesla’s assembly plant in Grünheide is the company’s only one in Europe. It has the capacity to build around 500,000 cars a year, but the company would like to double that, to one million cars per year — more than the 800,000 produced by Volkswagen at its long-established plant in Wolfsburg.

Tesla’s shares have come under pressure, losing about a quarter of their value this year as electric-vehicle sales have slowed. Sales in China, a crucial market (thị trường quan trọng) for Tesla, dropped sharply last month, leading to the latest sell-off in the company’s stock.

source: nytimes,

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