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Thời gian lưu trú 5 năm của Mickey Barreto chỉ khiến anh mất 200,57 USD. Bây giờ điều này có thể khiến anh ấy mất tự do

On a June afternoon in 2018, a man named Mickey Barreto checked into the New Yorker Hotel. He was assigned Room 2565, a double-bed accommodation with a view of Midtown Manhattan almost entirely obscured by an exterior wall (bức tường bên ngoài). For a one-night stay, he paid $200.57.

But he did not check out the next morning. Instead, he made the once-grand hotel his full-time residence for the next five years, without ever paying another cent.

In a city where every inch of real estate is picked over and priced out, and where affordable apartments (căn hộ giá phải chăng) are among the rarest of commodities, Mr. Barreto had perhaps the best housing deal in New York City history.

Mr. Barreto had prevailed in two separate court proceedings; he had a right to a rent-stabilized lease for a room at the New Yorker Hotel. He had access to room service (dịch vụ phòng), housekeeping and all the hotel’s facilities.

The hotel’s first offer of a lease, according to him, exceeded the legal rent for a rent-stabilized room. He also declined additional offers over the years, claiming he was concerned about the church’s finances (tài chính).

Finally, last year, the hotel’s owner succeeded in court against him. A judge ruled in the hotel’s favor, citing Mr. Barreto’s refusal to pay or sign a lease. He was evicted in July.

Even while that second eviction case had been working its way through Housing Court, Mr. Barreto had not stopped portraying himself as the property owner. In September, he submitted another deed showing that the hotel had been transferred once again into his name, and that the city had accepted it.

source: nytimes,

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