Trump bị 30 công ty từ chối khi ông tìm kiếm trái phiếu trong phán quyết trị giá 454 triệu đô la

luật sư của Donald J. Trump cho biết trong hồ sơ tòa án ông phải đối mặt với “khó khăn không thể vượt qua” khi cố gắng huy động tiền mặt cho hình phạt gian lận dân sự mà ông phải đối mặt ở New York

Donald J. Trump’s lawyers disclosed on Monday that he had failed to secure a roughly half-billion dollar bond in his civil fraud case in New York, raising the prospect that the state could seek to freeze some of his bank accounts (đóng băng một số tài khoản ngân hàng của ông ấy) and seize some of his marquee properties.

The court filing, coming one week before the bond is due, suggested that the former president might soon face a financial crisis (khủng hoảng tài chính) unless an appeals court comes to his rescue.

Mr. Trump has asked the appeals court to pause the $454 million judgment that a New York judge imposed on Mr. Trump in the fraud case (trường hợp gian lận) last month, or accept a bond of only $100 million. Otherwise, the New York attorney general’s office, which brought the case, might soon move to collect from Mr. Trump.

The company providing the bond would essentially promise to cover Mr. Trump’s judgment if he lost an appeal and failed to pay. In exchange, he would pledge cash and other liquid assets as collateral, and he would pay the company a fee as high as $20 million.

But Mr. Trump does not have enough liquidity to obtain the bond (thanh khoản đủ để có trái phiếu). The company would require Mr. Trump to pledge more than $550 million in cash and securities as collateral — a sum he simply does not have.

And even if he supported it, bankruptcy (phá sản) — which Mr. Trump used to describe derisively as “the b-word” — might not be a cure-all, legal experts said. Seeking court protection could trigger defaults in loans he holds, and would most likely set off litigation over whether Mr. Trump is still responsible to pay his company’s debts.

source: nytimes,

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