Trump có nguy cơ đối mặt với nỗi sợ hãi lớn nhất của mình khi hai mối đe dọa pháp lý trùng nhau

Donald Trump đối mặt với phiên xét xử vụ án hình sự 'che giấu' tiền vào cùng ngày mà ông phải cung cấp nửa tỷ USD tiền thế chân cho bản án gian lận dân sự

Donald J. Trump is expected to spend his Monday morning in the courtroom of a New York judge who might soon preside over his criminal trial and, ultimately, throw him behind bars. And that’s not even the legal predicament (tình trạng khó khăn) that worries Mr. Trump most that day.

The hearing in his Manhattan criminal prosecution (truy tố hình sự) — in which he is accused of covering up a sex scandal to pave his way to the presidency — comes as he races to fend off a financial crisis arising from a $454 million judgment in another case. The New York attorney general, Letitia James, who brought that civil fraud suit (vụ kiện gian lận dân sự) against the former president and his family business, might begin to collect as soon as Monday.

Unless Mr. Trump strikes an 11th-hour deal, Ms. James could freeze his bank accounts, and begin the long and complicated process of seizing some of his properties. And barring Mr. Trump’s lawyers achieving an improbable legal triumph (chiến thắng pháp lý khó có thể xảy ra), the judge in his criminal case could set a trial date for as soon as next month.

With Ms. James poised to begin enforcing the $454 million fraud judgment, Mr. Trump appeared to be hoping for similar twists of fate (khúc quanh của số phận). He could, for example, try to secure a loan from a private equity firm or a hedge fund (quỹ phòng hộ). He is also hoping an appeals court will pause the judgment.

And then there’s the windfall he could reap from his social media company, whose shares start trading on the stock market as early as Monday. His stake is currently valued at roughly $3 billion, but it might come too late: He is prohibited from selling for six months. While Mr. Trump could find ways around that restriction that enable him to use his stake to raise cash for the appeal bond, no such deal appears imminent (thỏa thuận sắp xảy ra).

source: nytimes,

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