Tiền trái phiếu của Trump trong vụ lừa đảo dân sự giảm xuống còn 175 triệu USD

cựu tổng thống chạy đua để giành trái phiếu trị giá nửa tỷ đô la, tòa phúc thẩm giảm số tiền. Quyết định bất ngờ giúp ông thoát khỏi thảm họa tài chính.

Donald Trump’s criminal trial on charges that he falsified business records (hồ sơ kinh doanh giả mạo) to cover up a sex scandal will start on April 15, after a judge denied an attempt by the former president to delay it further. The ruling makes it all but certain that Trump will be the first former American president to stand trial (phiên tòa). It may also be the only trial he faces before the election (bầu cử).

Separately, in Trump’s fraud case, a court lowered his bond to $175 million while he appeals the $454 million judgment against him. The ruling was a crucial and unexpected victory for the former president. If the court denied his request, and if he then failed to obtain the half-billion-dollar bond he would have needed, Trump could have lost control (mất kiểm soát) over his bank accounts (tài khoản ngân hàng) and even some of his marquee properties.

Trump has 10 days to secure the new bond (đảm bảo trái phiếu mới), which should be within reach, according to two people with knowledge of his finances. Trump’s new social media company, which increased his net worth by billions, will start trading publicly (giao dịch công khai) today."

source: nytimes,

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