Tiền điện tử rầm rộ trở lại ở Philippines

hai năm sau khi thị trường tiền điện tử sụp đổ, quán cà phê internet để chơi trò chơi điện tử kiếm tiền bằng tiền điện tử mở cửa và "nông dân" bắt đầu thu hoạch cây trồng ảo từ trò chơi để kiếm thu nhập
On a recent Tuesday night, around 20 people crowded into the second floor of Joniel Bon’s newly opened internet cafe in Quezon City, 10 miles from Manila. Seated at computers with 34-inch curved monitors (màn hình cong), they began playing video games such as Heroes of Mavia and Nifty Island, as music from Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 hummed from the speakers.

Playing these games can be a full-time job, and some of Mr. Bon’s customers had settled in for the night with slices of pizza to fuel them. The games reward players (trò chơi tặng thưởng cho người chơi) with cryptocurrency tokens for completing small, daily challenges. Often, players convert their tokens to pesos, the country’s currency (tiền tệ), earning around twice the Philippines’ minimum wage of $11 a day.

Crypto became especially popular in the Philippines during the pandemic lockdowns. While over 40 percent of the country’s population does not have a bank account, the majority of Filipino households have internet access, which has allowed crypto to spread to rural areas.

At the time of the lockdowns, people began playing the crypto-earning video game (trò chơi điện tử kiếm tiền điện tử) Axie Infinity, made by a Vietnamese company, Sky Mavis. In the game, players battle Pokemon-like characters to earn a cryptocurrency called Smooth Love Potion.

While crypto has been a boon to many Filipinos, some said they were fine with moving on to other opportunities if the industry failed again. Mr. Dela Cruz said he dreamed of managing more farms with his brothers and not having to rely on crypto for an income.

source: nytimes,

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